Our investment thesis is simple: we fund the entrepreneurs building the future of transportation. In order to be considered for investment, prospective companies must align with our mission to make transportation:

  • Decarbonized
  • Safer
  • More accessible


Reilly Brennan

Reilly Brennan grew up in Michigan and started working in the auto industry when he joined a car magazine during undergrad. Over two decades in transportation later, he co-founded Trucks, authored the widely-read FoT newsletter and championed investments in May Mobility, Roadster and Edge Case Research.

Jeffrey Schox

Jeff Schox grew up outside of Detroit, studied mechanical and electrical engineering, and worked as an engineer on the original electric vehicle at General Motors. Jeff was an angel investor in Cruise through his patent law firm, and led the Trucks investments in Universal Hydrogen, Skyryse, Joby, and Refraction.

Kathryn Schox

Kate Schox grew up on the East Coast and studied both anthropology and business. She was COO of a firm featured as an Inc. 5000 ‘fastest growing company’ five years in a row. Kate developed the Trucks mission of ‘decarbonized, safer, and more accessible’ transportation, and led the Trucks investments in ChargerHelp, Gatik, Bear Flag Robotics, and Wise Systems.

Puneeth Meruva

Puneeth Meruva grew up in Germany and Indiana, and studied EECS at MIT. Prior to Trucks, he developed safety software at Uber, BMW, and Microsoft Research and researched perception systems at MIT's Distributed Robotics Group and CMU's Biorobotics Lab. He authors the Trucks FoT research briefs and writes Flywheel, a leading authority on the owned micromobility market.

Jason Townsend

Jason Townsend grew up in Michigan, studied computer engineering, and worked at Intel. He is the founder of Resonant Venture Partners, a venture capital firm that invested in the first round of Duo Security. Jason is also the founder of Townsend Mertz, a real estate fund that invests in commercial equity and debt deals.