December 11, 2018
Kathryn Schox

Trucks' Ultimate List of Women Transportation Leaders

We have a universal policy at Trucks Venture Capital — ‘No Manels.’ Our male team members do not participate in group speaking opportunities without a woman also on stage. You could call this the inverse to the Mike Pence / Billy Graham rule. We’re happy to participate in a panel if organizers can make a diverse group; if not we are happy to give up our panel spot to a suitable woman replacement (there are many).

But the obvious followup question comes up: which women leaders in transportation would you recommend?

​I’m glad you asked!

There are many great women founders and startup leaders in transportation. About 1/3 of our portfolio has a woman founder, but our list below goes well beyond the Trucks roster.

Our ultimate list of women transportation leaders can be found at

This list is an ever growing, ever improving network of women shaping the future of transportation. ​Please send us your recommendations for more great women leaders in emerging transportation companies and forward this list to an event organizer the next time you see a Manel happening. To recommend someone to make our list even better, please fill out this form.

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